Who We Are

One Million Million is an organization dedicated to informing all citizens about issues relating to the unacceptably large US national debt burden. We promise to present information as fairly, and as transparently, as we possibly can.

Our elected representatives have had a role in creating the debt and they will play a crucial role in solving it. We encourage all forms of civil communication with our elected representatives conveying the message that together we must find solutions. 

We recognize that it is difficult to even start thinking about a solution for a problem so massive that it is difficult to even comprehend it. We also recognize that doing nothing will absolutely not solve, or even begin to address, the problem. The magnitude of our debt issues is becoming even more of an issue with an evolving global pandemic which challenges the economies of nearly every country on earth. 

We need to start acting. At some point, the secondary economic issues associated with the pandemic will resolve. Then we will be able to address the spending side of the equation. In the interim, every contribution toward the revenue side will help. 

We see an opportunity to capitalize on affiliate commissions to make a contribution directly toward decreasing the principal of the US national debt. We are supported solely by our readers. When you make a purchase through links on this site, we may earn an affiliate commission. We will send 50% of any commissions (after expenses) directly to the US Bureau of the Fiscal Service which, by law, must apply these donations to the principal of the US national debt. 

Our History

On February 7, 2020, Mark Silen, physician and entrepreneur, founded One Million Million as an Oregon-based organization to promote public education and political reform around issues related to the US National debt.   

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